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IE 9 and BING – Acronym for “But It’s Not Google!”

I recently setup some new computers and downloaded IE9.  Normally I avoid IE completely, but some sites force you to use IE so I thought I’d test it out.

While I was not surprised to find Microsoft setting BING as the default search engine, I was shocked to discover how difficult Microsoft makes it for Canadians to add our own preferences.

 To add your own preference for a search provider, you simply click ADD.  However, if you are in Canada, you get choice of just five options.  Do you think Google or Yahoo is among the options?

Search provider options - Canada

Take a look at the URL

It took me a while to figure out a simple workaround.  Just edit the “ca” (Canada) to “us” and press Enter, you will get this

Search provider options - US

Notice this now reads…

You will get a huge list of options.  Even now though, you won’t see Google or Yahoo.  Microsoft is still making it difficult to find.  As there are no scrollbars, it looks like the list in just one screen wide (see below)

Search providers - 2nd page

Here is the trick…

Move the mouse pointer over the graphics until you see the ‘hand’ pointer.  Now move the pointer to the right edge of the screen and the graphics will scroll.  Don’t move it to the very edge, just near enough to the edge and it will start to scroll automatically.

Here are some other screen options for US users.  Note, NOW, Google appears.

If you keep scrolling, you will see more options ..(Yahoo was at the very end)

Once you find your preference, you can set the new one as the default.

While you don’t have to, I also suggest you remove BING from the list.

This is just another reason why I have been using Mozilla products for years and have encouraged my customers to do the same.

Now you see why people say BING stands for But It’s Not Google!

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