Compunetics Computer Consultants Inc.
Computer Services & Solutions

Compunetics is partnered with all the major computer vendors: Intel, Microsoft, HP/Compaq, Dell, etc.

Our staff is continuously taking professional development courses and writing certification exams.

Compunetics' founder, Richard Fagen has been involved with Personal Computers since IBM first introduced the PC in August 1981. Back then, as a recent university graduate (Electrical Engineering, majoring in microprocessors and communication), he started moonlighting while working at Teleglobe Canada.   He helped businesses buy the first $10,000+ systems (4.77MHz, no hard drives, 64k RAM, monochrome screens) to start automating tasks in their offices. He has been working with networks since 1985 when Novell ruled the corporate world. He has been online since 1990 participating in Compuserve user groups and is active in Internet Newsgroups. In 1988 he started Compunetics Computer Consultants Inc. which helps business with all their technology needs from building and configuring servers to writing custom applications and training their staff. He has taught part-time at the CEGEP level since 1994 and has about 1000 hours of teaching in front of a classroom. He also offers customized in-house training to small corporations.

Richard has been an active member of MITPro (Montreal IT Professional user group) since it started and sits on the Executive Board.